intense puzzle game for sega master system

Heroes Against Demons
Heroes Against Demons

The demonic Death is about to conquer the human world!

His greatest wish is first to bring down the peaceful kingdom of Amalore, the only obstacle to his plan... in the past, he had already been pushed back into the limbo of chaos by the Sacred Guardians. A great battle is about to begin... Who of the kingdom of men or demons will emerge victorious?

Heroes Against Demons - Choose your Hero - Sega Master System

Are you more magic, based on defense or brutal attacks?

Heroes Against Demons - Intense battle - Sega Master System

Intense battles. Choose your moves wisely... and quickly!

Heroes Against Demons - Tavern Guild - Sega Master System

The tavern Guild. The perfect place to buy some stuff to beat your next opponent!

Physical edition features:

  • 128ko of intense gameplay
  • 17 monsters
  • 3 endings
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Soundtrack by Polaria Poyon
  • Numeroted PBC

Test the game!

SMSpower's winner 2020 edition

The final rom is freely available for download.
Works on emulators* or everdrive and is Mega Drive / Genesis compatible.

*You'll maybe have to specify Japanese region if you've got a "Software Error" screen (related to checksum)

Download the rom
(retail - rom version v1.04b)
 Download the manual
(PDF low resolution)

the box

Get the physical game!

Complete in box

• Brand new cartridge

• Brand new clamshell box

• New numbered electronic parts

• 20 pages booklet in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian)

IMPORTANT: Game will be shipped around 21st September 2020.

Contact: games.2minds[at]


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